Student Retention

It is important to recognize that students withdraw from the university for various reasons; academic, medical, personal, social and financial problems are among those reasons.

Completion of degree requirements in more than four years does not necessarily mean continuous enrollment during this interval, but rather reflects the time span measured from the student’s initial entering date to graduation and, where appropriate, includes interruptions in attendance. SUNY Fredonia has undertaken retention studies to determine entering freshmen cohort retention and graduation rates. At the end of the first year, 87 percent of the freshmen remained enrolled for the second year. Most recent data reflect the proportion of freshmen completing their baccalaureate degree at SUNY Fredonia to be 46 percent within four years, 61 percent within five years, and 63 percent within six years from initial date of entrance.

Approximately 33 percent of transfer students entering the university at the upper division level (junior year) completed their bachelor’s degree requirements on time, within two years after entering.

These percentages are accurate as of publication date. Detailed outcomes are available from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, First Floor, Fenton Hall.