Honors Program

Within the framework of the general education program, the Honors Program is open to well-prepared students who enjoy intellectual challenges and are excited by ideas. The core of our program consists of a series of honors seminars that change from semester to semester. Course topics have included "Cooking and Science," "Video Games: Their Evolution and Impact," "The Politics of Sport," and "Street and Graffiti Art." Students are required to take four honors courses, ideally within their first two years of study, which will replace four general education courses. Students with questions pertaining to the Honors Program are advised to contact the Director, Dr. David Kinkela, at E314 Thompson Hall, or at (716) 673-3876 or by emailing honors.program@fredonia.edu.

In addition to participating in the honors courses and working closely with faculty members distinguished both for scholarship and teaching ability, honors students plan a number of extra-curricular activities and meet regularly to discuss the program in relation to their own developing perceptions of themselves, their values, and their future lives. The one-credit first-year honors colloquium provides students with the opportunity to situate their learning in a larger context, including experiences that connect them to the campus and local community. In addition, the Honors House provides a unique living and learning experience for students in the program.

As of Fall 2013, students entering the program must maintain at least a 3.30 GPA to remain in good standing. Students will receive a one-time, one-semester grace period to meet the GPA requirement if they fall under the minimum requirements.

Opportunities for honors students are also available at the junior and senior levels in the form of departmental honors in a number of programs, the Honors Thesis, and an upper-level colloquium designed to help students transition into their post-graduate lives. Students who complete the program graduate with Honors in Liberal Education.

Application to the Honors Program is separate from application to the university. While most Honors Program applicants are high school seniors, qualified high school juniors who are considering early entry to the university are encouraged to inquire about the Honors Program.

Please consult the http://home.fredonia.edu/honors/ web page for more information.