Letter from the President

Welcome to the State University of New York at Fredonia.

Consistently ranked as one of the finest public universities in the North, Fredonia is recognized as a selective, residential campus with high academic standards, strong graduation rates, and outstanding student services. Fredonia’s exceptional academic reputation is generated by a commitment from the entire campus community to prepare you for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. The core curriculum immerses you in an understanding of global perspectives and cultures, encourages you to sharpen your communication skills, and allows you to explore academic disciplines with up-to-date applications of emerging technologies. Across campus, faculty and staff work together to have all students demonstrate the qualities of the baccalaureate goals: Fredonia graduates are skilled, creative, connected, and responsible.

Student academic, personal, and professional success has been a hallmark at Fredonia for 190 years, and that success includes engagement with the communities we serve. Students collaborate with faculty and staff in exploring majors, developing a course of study, identifying career opportunities, and sharpening skills such as critical reading, writing, and speaking. Another significant component of your education is the learning that occurs outside the classroom, studio, or laboratory. Intramural and intercollegiate sports teams, internships, student government, residence life, leadership programs, music and theatrical productions, volunteer opportunities, and over 150 student clubs and organizations are important parts of the learning experience at Fredonia.

This catalog is your guidebook to the many opportunities available to you at Fredonia. Use it to make the most of your adventure in higher education.

Virginia S. Horvath, Ph.D.